We are a group ordinary people based out of Round Rock, Texas, USA, yet have supporters from all over. In late 2012, we had the dream of making a difference, saving lives, and changing the world. A small group of us organized as part of the greater round rock community foundation, who handles our bookkeeping and tax reporting for about 1%. At the same time, donations that are not immediately dispersed are held in an interest-bearing account, that pays over 1%, so our net overhead is zero.

We have no paid employees, we just have people who want to make a difference and keep people alive.

Our officers are Dave Koppel, Tino Hernandez, and Will Williams, yet there are dozens of people who roll up their sleeves and help out.  Having a team of people from various walks of life and different backgrounds helps us to reach out to everyone.

We get the word out through newspaper articles and press releases, interviews, displays at fairs and conventions, word-of-mouth, demonstrations to faith organizations, fundraisers, and through our cycling team.

We invite you to join us, knowing that we won’t save life, yet knowing that we make a difference, and that we can save some… And that makes all the difference in the world.